40 Years of Page 3 Girls

So this week marks the 40th anniversary of the national institution that is The Sun‘s Page 3.

And to ‘celebrate’ The Sun is launching page 360 – which offers the chance to see a 360 degree view of the topless models.  With a single click you can turn your model whichever way you want.


According to retired page 3 photographer Beverly Goodway being a good topless model is all in the eyes.  He said:

“She has to have the figure, but she also needs to glow. She needs a radiance which partly comes from lighting and partly from her feeling right in that situation.

I’ve always said the sexy thing about Page 3 isn’t that she’s got her top off, it’s the look in her eyes.”


So what you think about page 3 girls?

And if you fancy learning any more about Page 3 girls, take a look at this


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Rachel Conner is currently a postgraduate newspaper journalism student at Cardiff University. She graduated in 2010 from the University of Durham with an LLB. View all posts by Rachel Conner

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