Hooters – What the People of Cardiff have to say.

Entrance to new Hooters restaurant in Cardiff

Yesterday self-proclaimed “delightfully tacky yet unrefined” Hooters restaurant finally opened in Mary Ann Street, Cardiff, after months of debate, argument and controversy.

For a recap on the story, look here.

Last night, beat blogger for the Guardian, Hannah Waldram, went to the VIP opening.

So I took to the streets of Cardiff to find out what people thought about the city’s newest restaurant.

Steve Thomas, 35, from South Wales came to Cardiff specially to visit the restaurant on its opening night.  Comparing the restaurant to one he had visited in the US he said:

“It’s a lot more modest in the UK.  It’s each to their own really.  I’m not really against the restaurant, but I’m not  for it either.”

Mpho Monyela, a young mother originally from South Africa but now living in Cardiff told me she would be happy to go there herself, but said

“It shouldn’t be branded as a family restaurant, it’s not a place for small children.”

Robert Phillips, 43, from Cardiff said the USP of the restaurant wasn’t really a selling point for him.  When asked about the girls uniforms he said:

“I object, you need to draw a line in the sand somewhere.”

Becca Caffery, 28, from Pontypridd had only heard of the restaurant as a result of its move to Cardiff.  Though she had never been in, she said:

“I think I would to see what it’s all about.  I think it’s probably a little bit exploitative though and not a very good example for young girls.”

Juliet Williams, 23, from Cardiff told me

“I probably wouldn’t go in because I’ve heard the food is meant to be substandard.  I think it’s just a bit of a laugh for groups of guys.  If the girls want to work there its not a problem.”


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Rachel Conner is currently a postgraduate newspaper journalism student at Cardiff University. She graduated in 2010 from the University of Durham with an LLB. View all posts by Rachel Conner

One response to “Hooters – What the People of Cardiff have to say.

  • mollyh5

    I find it really interesting that people have such wide-ranging views on Hooters, everything from it’s almost a strip club to it’s just a bit of tacky fun.

    The other day I was talking to a couple of older women who see themselves as more-or-less feminist and they were really shocked to hear that feminists were campaigning against Hooters. One of these women had eaten there a couple of times and had taken her elderly mother along. Her mother really enjoyed it because she just interpreted it as “American” (as in cheerleaders and rollerskating waitresses!).

    Then the other day I was reading a blog by an American feminist who mentioned that she was off to Hooters for dinner and I couldn’t help but wonder what she’d think of the feminist protests over here.

    Anyway, in the UK Hooters definitely seems to be a lightening rod for all sorts of feeelings about the relationship between women and sex and work.

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