First it was glass ceilings, now women are falling off glass cliffs

Recent research from Yale University, entitled Hard Won and Easily Lost has shown that glass ceilings are not the only thing women in professional careers have to worry about.

The American study shows that when women do jobs that are traditionally done by men, they are more likely to be seen as “unlikeable” and “incompetent.”

When they make mistakes, they are more likely to lose their jobs than men in the same position.

Dr Victoria Brescoll, who co-authored the report said:

“There is an effect called the glass cliff. You don’t really know, when you’re a woman in a high status leadership role, how long you’re going to hang on to it. You might fall off at any point.”

She said the findings of the study highlighted the fragility and vulnerability of women in top positions.

The findings are probably not surprising, but somewhat depressing nonetheless.


About Rachel Conner

Rachel Conner is currently a postgraduate newspaper journalism student at Cardiff University. She graduated in 2010 from the University of Durham with an LLB. View all posts by Rachel Conner

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