The trivialisation of rape

The term rape is increasingly being used  out of the normal context on an everyday basis.

‘Fraping’, [Facebook raping] is just one example of how modern culture has trivialised a devastating and traumatic event that is a reality for thousands of women.

In 2009/2010 almost 14,000 women in the UK reported being raped to the police.

Online trader Etsy is following this trend by producing the following card, designed by ‘Youstupidbitch’:

The tag line on the card;

Get creeped on, get raped? Know someone that has? Then this card is for them

If this is tasteless and crass, what is it when you liken someone putting an unwanted comment on facebook to being sexually assaulted?

Completely different or a little bit the same?

Tell me what you think.


About Rachel Conner

Rachel Conner is currently a postgraduate newspaper journalism student at Cardiff University. She graduated in 2010 from the University of Durham with an LLB. View all posts by Rachel Conner

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