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Art in Cardiff to celebrate International Women’s Day

As part of the Breaking the Waves feminist festival, there are a number of women-centric art exhibitions in Cardiff this week.

The celebrations for the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day are focused around women and art, and festival organisers are holding events such as life drawing workshops, craftivism and art exhibitions.

One of the exhibitions, Bodies and Selves in Milgi’s in City Road, shows work from both male and female artists and is an exploration of gender through various art forms.

The curator, French artist Emilie Collins said: “It was important for me not to exclude male artists, they can be feminist as well.  We should not exclude anyone or limit the scope people can reach.”

One of the main artists, Tomasz Zawistowski has produced a number of pieces which explore sexuality and the boundaries between what is considered erotic and what is considered pornographic.

Exploring the boundaries: work by Tomasz Zawistowski

His beautiful images show  various body parts in unusual ways.  Though portrayed in quite sexually, they are often not parts of the body generally considered erotic, and the boundaries between male and female are blurred as it is not always possible to tell which body is which.

Spike Dennis has also explored gender themes through a series of images called humanimals.  His merging of male, female and animal characters means the result is an interesting exploration of the bestial nature of human sexuality.  The use of Welsh mythological animals such as frogs, wolves and rabbits add an extra dimension to the work.

Iranian artist Diba Mehrabi uses her culture in her art to explore issues of gender and freedom.  Her work, Can I have freedom please?, uses textiles in a moving way to show the plight of many women in the Middle East.

Other featured artists are Lauren Foulkes, Paul Avis, Edel Cronin and Marielle Hogg.

The Exhibition opened on Friday and will run until March 29.

The Off the Wall contemporary art gallery in Llandaff is also showing an exhibition for International Women’s Day, in conjunction with the Women’s Art Association and features more than 20 female artists.

One of the most striking pieces, Girl in red corset by Sue Rowe, is a painting of almost photographic quality and shows a wonderful balance between confident yet awkward female sexuality.

Contemporary art by Emma Coyle

Girl in Red Corset by Sue Rowe

Irish artist, Emma Coyle uses more of a pop art style and her pieces are certainly eye-catching.  Her bright colours and stylised images instantly attract interest.

On Saturday another exhibition opened in Milkwood Gallery in Lochaber Street, Cardiff which presents a group of contemporary women artists working in a diverse range of media, from the traditional to the digital.

The opening night included a performance based on the brownies by Welsh group Ffaf.