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New women’s mental health survey

A survey published yesterday by newly-renamed charity Platform 51 [formerly YWCA] shows high levels of low level mental illness among women.

Shockingly, 3 in 5 [63%] of women suffer from problems such as depression, low self-esteem and stress.

The research found:

  • Almost half [44%] of women with mental health problems took time off work while one-in-four takes off at least a week a year
  • almost a third (28%) lose friends
  • more than a quarter (27%) regularly drink to get drunk
  • One in five (21%) build up debt
  • 13% self-harm. This goes up to 35% for women aged 18 to 24.

In Wales the statistics are even more worrying; 22% of women have self-harmed and 33% have lost friends as a result of their issues with mental heath.

Penny Newman, the chief-executive of Platform 51 said:

“Millions of girls and women are not getting the support they need. Women are often the linchpins of their families and their communities, and if three in five of them aren’t functioning at their best they lose out, their family and friends lose out and so does wider society.

“Working with girls and women every day for over 150 years we have seen time and time again how often mental health can hold women back.

“Policy-makers need to act now to address this unseen crisis in women’s mental health and provide a range of effective interventions. We must put an end to the dependency culture that has built up around prescription drugs, giving women more choice and control over the support they receive.”