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Adverts and Gender Stereotyping

Last week the winning team on the Apprentice produced possibly one of the most sexist adverts I have ever seen.

But while their effort was spectacularly awful in its portrayal of gender roles, they are not alone in producing fairly gendered adverts.

Sometimes it’s really obvious, but sometimes it can be a lot more subtle.

Think of the Persil advert which shows boys getting gloriously dirty in the mud while a little girl gets messy with chocolate in the kitchen.

Is portraying women and women, and even boys and girls, in such gendered ways really the only way of selling products?

And why do women seem to like yoghurt so much?

One advert which particularly annoys me is the one for Oven Pride, which appears with the slogan “So easy a man can do it.” ┬áNot only is it demeaning to men but it reinforces women’s ‘natural talent’ for cleaning and home making.

Very helpful.

On the plus side though, at least we don’t have adverts like these any┬ámore.